Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Text Connections

I have noticed a major trend while teaching from the new Houghton Mifflin curriculum. 
Every single lesson relates back to making connections.
 So I thought it would be nice to create a text connection writing log.
 I created a worksheet for primary levels and one for intermediate grades take your pick!
 You could use this to create a book where they can have it to use throughout the year or pass out an individual worksheet when needed. 
To download the making connections poster click HERE
Cover page for book click HERE
Primary worksheet click HERE
Intermediate worksheet click HERE

 During my student teaching Ms. Carty my classroom teacher 
mentor taught her first graders to use hand signals 
for the three text connections.
For text to text she had them fold both hands to create a book 
and say "text" to "text" while making the hand signal.
For text to self she had them again do and say the "text" 
signal and then for "self" they would 
point to themselves while saying self. 
Then for text to world she had them u
se both pointer fingers to trace a circle
 in the air while saying "world". The firsties loved it! 

I hope you can use this in your classroom. :) 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Bulletin Boards

Looking for a fall bulletin board idea 
"Hibbard Hawks (insert your school here:)
 Are The Cream Of The Crop!"
My students and I created this last year 
when our class was assigned. 
I got this idea out of a mailbox magazine and
then decided to make it look 3-d. 
My students each cut out a piece of
corn and then painted it. 

We were also in charge of the display case for
the month of November. This idea once again
came from the Mailbox magazine. 
First you paint your styrofoam cup brown.
Then glue on your turkeys face and feathers. 
Quick, easy, and fun Thanksgiving display! 

Before we created the turkeys we of course learned about them! 
This bulletin board I made for inside our classroom.

And if you are looking for a halloween bulletin board... 
the teacher I worked with last year sent me a picture 
of what her class did for their bb this year.
 I thought it was so cute! 
Thanks for sharing Mrs. Skillicorn! :) 

Monday, October 10, 2011

One "Spook"tober Post

Happy Harvest !
Although I wish I had my very own classroom  I'm very excited to say I found a substitute job!
So using the idea a teacher I taught with last year (Thank you Kristen!) did I made business cards.
With the help of my husband I think my card stands out! Thank you Graig! :)
I blurred out my phone number. If you work for the Bellevue School District or St. Thomas Private School and are looking for a sub give me a call! 

I figured I would continue to keep my blog going and share ideas that I used over the past couple years of teaching in my classroom.

One activity that my students LOVED last year was with the book, "The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin" by Joe Troiano. This is a great story to share with your students that has an awesome message reminding us that we are all the same even if we look different. 

After discussing the story my students colored their very own pumpkin. 

To use the pumpkin template HERE 
Square Pumpkin HERE
Triangle Pumpkin HERE
Rectangle Pumpkin HERE
I copied them on white construction paper and pre-cut them out to save on time.

Here are a few other October activities I have done in the past.

Mr. Sticks 
This idea was shared with me from Mrs. Crowder! :) What a fun activity!

To save on time pre sort the amount of toothpicks for each student and precut tips for the fingers and toes!

The students traced their feet (with their shoes on) and added a ghost face.

This activity the students traced their hands on black construction paper. 
I cut them out the night after and had them glue together and add eyes.
They picked their favorite book wrote the title and the author on the orange paper.

And here is a collection of some of my favorite October read alouds!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School!

It's that time of year! 
Here are a couple informational worksheets I send home the first day.
Click HERE to download a copy. 
Get to know your students! 
Click HERE to download your own copy.
I love reading what parents have to say about their child.
 It helps me get to know them better that first week.
I also thought I would share my hallway sign. 
I got this idea from the teacher I did my student teaching with in Las Vegas.
After the students are lined up the teacher would say:
"Eyes forward" students repeat
"Arms folded" students repeat
"Lips quiet" students repeat
This worked for her students and it has worked with mine the past two years. 
My second year I created this sign to go above the classroom door as a reminder.
Click HERE to get your copy.
Back to school hall bulletin board idea. 
This is the bulletin I used for my class last year. 
Instead of putting a photo copy picture you could have them draw a portrait of themselves.
Click HERE for crayon template. You can enlarge on the copy machine.
For jobs I also got this idea from a teacher at the school where I did my student teaching.
He had them color a  picture of themselves using the template he provided. 
Then he would change the "people" according to the job and day. 

For a template click HERE
You can shrink or enlarge on the copy machine.
If you are looking for a daily schedule to use and this one fits your routine be sure to download a copy!
Click HERE if your interested.



Thursday, June 16, 2011

To teach is to touch lives :)

May 26, 2011 was a sad say for me
 It was the day I had to say goodbye to another group of adorable first graders that I had the opportunity to teach all year. 

This was a gift given to me by one of the moms of my students. She had them print their name on a paper and had it lasered onto this tile. It brought tears to my eyes, I LOVE IT!

Below is the treat I gave my students along with a DVD of our school year featuring pictures I took throughout the year to music we learned in music class. The treat idea came from fabulousinfirst.blogspot.com where she created her version of something she saw on another blog. Thank you for sharing that made my life a little easier. 

Not only was it a goodbye to my students but a goodbye to my classroom and the school. I feel so blessed to say that I have a job that I love. I love everything about my job, my students, finding new and creative ways to teach and make learning fun, lesson plans, bulletin boards, projects, books, reading, science, math, everything about teaching I enjoy. So to have to pack everything up was very hard.

My husband just graduated with a degree in business and accepted a position with Unique Beverage Company. Which means we moved to Washington where I grew up so yes it's exciting but sad at the same time to leave my job at a school that I love so much.

Here is a note I found on my desk after an inside recess the last week of school...
That just melted my heart so sweet!

Here are some pictures of my classroom before I packed it all up!


Bookshelf my husband made. This picture is very messy but it was the only one I had. The top shelve of books is organized by AR level while the bottom books I never got organized. 

Raingutter Books I changed these according to our theme or the holiday.

Last day with my first graders. Thank you for another fabulous year!

As Dr. Seuss would say "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

The teacher wife made a cute printable of this quote, if you're interested in printing it go HERE.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation. I will be back to post some other projects we did throughout the year that I haven't had time to post.