Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Bulletin Boards

Looking for a fall bulletin board idea 
"Hibbard Hawks (insert your school here:)
 Are The Cream Of The Crop!"
My students and I created this last year 
when our class was assigned. 
I got this idea out of a mailbox magazine and
then decided to make it look 3-d. 
My students each cut out a piece of
corn and then painted it. 

We were also in charge of the display case for
the month of November. This idea once again
came from the Mailbox magazine. 
First you paint your styrofoam cup brown.
Then glue on your turkeys face and feathers. 
Quick, easy, and fun Thanksgiving display! 

Before we created the turkeys we of course learned about them! 
This bulletin board I made for inside our classroom.

And if you are looking for a halloween bulletin board... 
the teacher I worked with last year sent me a picture 
of what her class did for their bb this year.
 I thought it was so cute! 
Thanks for sharing Mrs. Skillicorn! :)