Monday, May 20, 2013

Time Scoot to the Minute

I know it's been awhile since I have posted but I created something tonight that I wanted to share.
I searched the web for a "time to the minute" scoot game and was not able to find one. I hope someone else out there will be able to use this activity.
My students LOVE playing scoot and it is a great formative assessment.
Click HERE for the PDF copy.
The cards look like this:

The student paper looks like this:

I couldn't figure out how to post a better picture of the document.
Only 18 more days of teaching this year for me! :)
* If you have never played "scoot" before I will leave you with some quick directions:
- Place the cards in order around the room or on student desks.
-Have each student use a clipboard to write on their paper as they "scoot" from desk to desk.
-My students do this using a level 0 voice (no talking)
-Depending on the subject give them 20-45 seconds to write the answer.
-I say 3..2..1... scoot to your LEFT (you can say right)
-The students scoot to the next desk and write the answer down and wait for the scoot signal
-KEY students MUST write the answer in the number box that MATCHES the number on the card. They CANNOT all start writing their answer in box number one.
-When finished have students return to their desk and you can correct on your own or have students say the answer out loud together while they correct.
ENJOY! :)