Monday, March 21, 2011

Projector! Virtual Field Trip

Can I please tell you how excited I am that I have a PROJECTOR in my classroom now! 
I know some of you are thinking whats the big deal I have a smart-board! To go from nothing to a projector is so fun. Our school does have a smart-board in the computer lab which I try to use often. Now having a projector in our classroom gives us so many more opportunities to learn in a different way. First up is a virtual field trip through the woods. Our school using Houghton Mifflin for reading. We started theme 8 week 1. The story is called, The Forest and on the HM website they have a link for a virtual field trip. 

Which I'm ecstatic to use in MY classroom on the projector for each little kiddo to get to watch. To go along with our field trip I created some "notebooks" for them to take notes on things they see and learn during the video. 


  1. i love this! we read that story last week. this would be fun to do as a review this week.

    i know how you feel about a projector... i just got one:)

  2. I have used this website for a few years. I love that you see it as a virtual fieldtrip and made them a notebook. Thank you for the new perspective.